WVRA Members,
West Virginia is experiencing a water contamination crisis in 9 counties including the state capitol.A federal disaster as also been declared in those counties and FEMA assistance will be available.
I want to thank your local managers many of whom I was in contact with until well after midnight last nightregarding this situation.  We did receive reports of looting in some locations around the Charleston area.
Some retail stores opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning after having water trucked into local communities overnight.Once again the retail industry is out in front of a disaster situation and I say thank you for your dedication to your customers.
I will keep you updated throughout this crisis and provide updates as they become available.
Our sincere thanks!
Bridget Lambert, President

WV Retailers Association

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Many types and sizes of retailers constitute the membership of the WVRA, they are individual merchants owning large and small businesses. The make-up includes grocery, shoe, furniture, jewelry, drug, liquor, dry goods, specialty, etc… We also have large department stores, chain operations of all types, banks, and many businesses directly related with the operation of the retail industry.


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