West Virginia Retailers Association is unified voice in government for the retail industry. WVRA has a full time lobbyist that carefully and diligently monitors all legislative and regulatory agencies within the state government and analyzes the nearly 2000 bills that are introduced each legislative session.

Staff and members testify before legislative committees on key issues such as taxation, unemployment, and workers’ compensation, employee, environmental and advertising regulations.

Answer to questions concerning laws and regulations are only a telephone call away. Members can call 304-342-1183.


Legislative Services:

·        - Keeps the membership informed on current issues through its written and electronic legislative bulletins.

·         - Hosts periodic meetings with state legislators and congressional representatives.

·         - Represents the retailers view on issues before Congress and State Legislature, as well as, County and City commissions.

·         - Works with local groups to plan, promote and develop respective areas toward a better economic base.


WVRA’s Past Legislative Accomplishments:

·         - Repeal of the B & O Tax: WVRA was the only Association to support and work for the removal of the B & O Tax statewide.

·         - Sales Tax Holiday: WVRA fully supported the effort to provide financial relief for WV families purchasing back to school clothing, supplies and computers.

·         - Exempting Third-Party Marketing Programs: WVRA supported and successfully passed legislation to exempt cooperative advertising agreements, sales incentive programs and similar programs from West Virginia sales tax.

·         - Worthless Check Legislation: WVRA increased the worthless check fee from



WV Spirits Council

WV Spirits Council a division of WV Retailers Association dedicated to address liquor industry issues on behalf of spirits retailers, brokers and distillers.

WVRA Pharmacy Council

WVRA represents a diverse group of both chain drug stores and independent drug stores operating community retail pharmacy outlets in small towns throughout the State of West Virginia.

Join the WVRA

Many types and sizes of retailers constitute the membership of the WVRA, they are individual merchants owning large and small businesses. The make-up includes grocery, shoe, furniture, jewelry, drug, liquor, dry goods, specialty, etc… We also have large department stores, chain operations of all types, banks, and many businesses directly related with the operation of the retail industry.

Member Services

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