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8 Reasons to Join WVRA
1. Legislative Representation
WVRA’s primary function is to protect West Virginia’s retail businesses before state lawmakers. When you join WVRA you have a full-time lobbyist that develops legislation, provides expert testimony at legislative hearings, and works with government agencies to ensure fair treatment of the retail industry. When state or federal laws are enacted, WVRA will work with you on compliance with new requirements or tax advantages. This means better protection for your business from burdensome laws, taxes, and regulations. WVRA’s legislative efforts save West Virginia merchants millions of hard-earned dollars. Our office is located in close proximity to the State Capitol which allows us to have a full-time presence before the state legislators.
2. Regulatory Representation
State boards and commissions meet regularly on issues that impact your store operations. WVRA monitors these meetings, provides timely feedback to members, and testimony to entities such as the ABC Administration, Board of Pharmacy, DHHR, WV WIC, DEP and many others.
3. Communications
WVRA, created by retailers for retailers, keeps its members up to date on business issues and trends through written and electronically communicated bulletins.
4. More Experience
No other state business association is more qualified or experienced to serve you because no other group has all types of retailers as its number one priority. Protecting West Virginia retailers since 1942, we know how to get things done. At WVRA, our members are our priority.
5. Networking Opportunities
Membership in WVRA gives you the opportunity to meet other business professionals and allows you to expand your relationships, share ideas, and develop industry contacts. Your professional association is your forum for exchanging ideas, and it is the best way to keep on top of happenings that affect your business.
6. Immediate Answers
WVRA can help you understand the ever-changing laws and regulations that affect your business. When you have a problem with state government, you can continue to operate your business while we handle the bureaucratic red tape. Whether the question is about taxes, beer sales, gift cards, inspections, Medicaid, transportation issues, or anything else, we will contact the government agency or department to obtain the answer for you.
7. Strength in Numbers
As a member of WVRA, you have joined thousands of other retail businesses providing the strength to bring about change. The larger we get, the more influence we can exert to bring about the necessary laws that will help your business succeed.
8. Personal Service You Expect & Deserve
WVRA strives to provide our members the same courteous and prompt service you extend to your own customers. Our members are our customers: we work for you!

Why should my business join the WVRA?


Retailers representing all categories and sizes recognized the value of combining resources and ideas to form WVRA knowing that a strong association could achieve goals no single business could accomplish individually.

Whether your business measures its success by thousands or millions of dollars WVRA is here for you.

With a focus on results, WVRA provides its membership with a constant and vigilant eye on legislative and regulatory activity.  A WVRA membership is a value-driven and proven method of ensuring that retail business interests remain a top priority in the mountain state.

West Virginia’s retail businesses are facing more competition and greater challenges today than ever before.  Members regularly turn to WVRA for answers to their questions and problems with state laws and regulations.  In such an environment, it is essential to have an advocate to ward off burdensome laws and regulations that add to cost and reduce business efficiency.

Issues Addressed:

Unemployment Compensation

Workers Compensation

Business Franchise Taxes

Mandated Employee Benefits

Credit Collection Issues

The membership and marketing department of this Association works to identify high priority market segments for the membership. Increasing the total membership and member benefits are major goals. The staff works to develop specialized programs and services to better serve the membership and give members the most for their investment dollars.

Annual Meeting – The Annual Meeting of Members is a social gathering of retailers to exchange ideas and to learn what others are doing. The Annual Meeting is usually held in the Fall. The meeting affords members an opportunity to discuss their concerns about the economy and government with the individuals in charge of running our state.

WV Jewelers Association – The WVJA is a member of the Association, the affiliation is to deal with issues relating to jewelers.

WVWRBC – The WV Wholesale and Retail Beverage Committee consists of WV ABCC License holders. The Committee’s purpose is to deal with the many rules and regulations as they relate to the sale of liquor.

Business Referral – The WV Retailers serves as a referral service for the membership by recommending our members to consumers that call or write for information. The association distributes information pertaining to government rules and regulations, taxes, licensing, going out of business, and doing business in West Virginia to the membership. For information or reference, call (304)342-1183.



WVRA Newsletter – Published bi-monthly.

Legislative Bulletin – Published weekly during the Session and sent via electronic mail.



Join the WVRA

Many types and sizes of retailers constitute the membership of the WVRA, they are individual merchants owning large and small businesses. The make-up includes grocery, shoe, furniture, jewelry, drug, liquor, dry goods, specialty, etc… We also have large department stores, chain operations of all types, banks, and many businesses directly related with the operation of the retail industry.


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