Legislation Leaves Old Liquor Laws in the Past

By Jared Hunt
Daily Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- One of West Virginia's so-called "blue laws" would come off the books under a bill advancing in the House of Delegates.

The House Judiciary Committee on Monday advanced a bill that would repeal the state's longstanding prohibition on Sunday retail liquor sales. The measure also would roll back the time retailers can begin selling alcohol on Sunday from the current 1 p.m. to 10 a.m.

That start time would apply to retailers, restaurants, bars and private clubs.

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WV Governor Tomblin declares statewide State of Emergency.  Below is a link to the webpage with the proclamation.


Retailers Launch Get-Out-The-Vote Initiative

By Whitney Burdette

A new, non-partisan voter resource dedicated to educating and engaging America's retail industry has launched.

"Retail Means Votes" is a get-out-the-vote initiative of the National Retail Federation in conjunction with the West Virginia Retailers Association. The effort is designed to encourage West Virginia retailers to actively participate in this year's elections.

"WVRA understands the importance of having educated voters and recognized the NRF initiative ‘Retail Means Votes' for the value it presents our members," said Bridget Lambert, president of the West Virginia Retailers Association.

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WV Business Sector Skeptical on Next Steps for Health Care

By Ann Ali, Political Reporter

Charleston - Bridget Lambert readily admits she's not an expert on the Affordable Health Care Act.

But when it comes to the pieces that affect the members of the West Virginia Retailers Association, the organization she's president of, she keeps those details top-of-mind.

"Retail employers need to be formulating their business structure to comply with these extensive regulations and need clarity for their employer-sponsored plans," Lambert said. "At this moment our members do not know whether their employer-provided plans are deemed affordable and will pass the minimal value requirements in the statute."

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Officials Hope New Pseudoephedrine-tracking System Is In Place By October

By Lori Kersey
Charleston Gazette

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Officials hope to have a statewide pseudoephedrine-tracking system in place by October 19, a little more than two months before the required implementation date of Jan. 1.

Officials with Appriss Inc., a Louisville, Ky.-based company implementing the National Precursor Log Exchange system throughout the state, met Wednesday with members of West Virginia's law enforcement, medical and pharmaceutical communities.

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