What is it?

The purpose of West Virginia Retailers Political Action Committee is to promote good government and the interests of retailers within the State of West Virginia by raising funds for and contributing funds on a bi-partisan basis to desirable West Virginia state political committees, West Virginia state political parties and candidates for West Virginia state offices, including the offices of senator and delegate in the West Virginia Legislature. Please note that contributions are not tax deductible and must be made via a personal contribution.  No corporate contributions allowed in West Virginia – with the exception of PAC to PAC contributions.

How to donate?

Please contact Bridget Lambert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


is an organization of retailers to:

·         Select and elect candidates who support a free market economy and the preservation of individual freedoms

·         Evaluate the performance of incumbent legislators

·         Assure retailing’s survival and growth by electing state legislators dedicated to creating a healthy economy.



Who runs your Store?

FACT: Government is making more and more of your decisions – who you hire, how much you pay, who gets credit, what you say on statements, how you can advertise.
WVRPAC can help put retailers in full charge.

What about retail operating costs?

FACT: Government rules and regulations add fixed costs for tax collection, unemployment compensation, packaging, labeling, advertising, credit and payroll.
WVRPAC is dedicated to the election of candidates who support a free market economy.

How about retailing’s future?

FACT: Government actions affect West Virginia’s business growth and employment.
WVRPAC safeguards a favorable business climate.

Why support WVRPAC?

FACT: Political contributions are necessary, Contributions made on behalf of all West Virginia retailers carry more weight than donations from a few diverse retail sources.
WVRPAC dollars pay big dividends!!!



WV Spirits Council

WV Spirits Council a division of WV Retailers Association dedicated to address liquor industry issues on behalf of spirits retailers, brokers and distillers.

WVRA Pharmacy Council

WVRA represents a diverse group of both chain drug stores and independent drug stores operating community retail pharmacy outlets in small towns throughout the State of West Virginia.

Join the WVRA

Many types and sizes of retailers constitute the membership of the WVRA, they are individual merchants owning large and small businesses. The make-up includes grocery, shoe, furniture, jewelry, drug, liquor, dry goods, specialty, etc… We also have large department stores, chain operations of all types, banks, and many businesses directly related with the operation of the retail industry.

Member Services

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