Who We Are

The Voice of Retailing
 in West Virginia

West Virginia Retailers Association (WVRA) is a voice of the retail industry in West Virginia.  The association was founded in 1942 by merchants with advancing and safeguarding the well being of the retail industry.  The Association is recognized by merchants, legislators, state officials, and the other trade groups as a spokesman for the retailing industry.

Today, the Association is the retail industry’s major statewide trade association.  Whether a local independent merchant or a retail chain, the Association is an active force in promoting the interest and progress of all West Virginia retailers.

Industry Focus

Other organizations are held accountable to multiple business industries. We are laser-focused on retail business and industry needs.


Each year, state lawmakers discuss legislative issues that directly affect retail business. We closely track those issues and recommend strategic responses to benefit your companys continued operational success.

Broad & Diverse Membership

From mom-and-pop shops to corporate chains, we understand the wants and needs of retail business in the state.

Local advocate. National reputation.

Our purpose is: 

  • To lobby for better legislation and government rules and regulations
  • To promote the growth and development of the retail industry
  • To provide education opportunities for the membership
  • To provide group benefit programs and information services to help maintain the retailers bottom-line profitability
  • To hold Annual Meetings to provide the membership with an opportunity to work with the staff and board of directors to plan for a better future, to assimilate information, compare views, and in general have an opportunity to personally have input into the direction of their association
  • To be fact-finding bureau to collect and analyze data related to the retail industry and convey this information to the membership and the public.

Our Affiliates

Many types and sizes of retailers   constitute the membership of the WVRA, they are individual merchants owning large and small businesses.  The make-up includes grocery, shoe, furniture, jewelry, drug, liquor, dry goods, specialty, etc…  We also have large department stores, chain operations of all types, banks, and many businesses directly related with the operation of the retail industry.

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